Tailoring, Alchemy and much more!


Stronger Monsters now drop more rewarding loots, now you can farm everything and don’t need to grind the lowest mobs in order to make the most profit.



Level Up’s now require Tix and the same amount of Gold, this is made so crafters can make income by generating gold and trading it for tix. More implementations in form of allowing crafters to play a full crafter will come in the near future.



Added Tailoring craftables. Strength Dexterity Intelligence Magery and Elemental Robes are now craftable.





Added Essences, these will be needed in Tailoring receipts and much more receipts in the near future.
Essences can be crafted with Alchemy






Magic Essence drops from Champions and Mages


Added a new Champion Spawn System. When killing an headless for example you have a chance of spawning a champion which is much harder to beat down and offers greater rewards. More of this will come in the near future



Other patchnotes:

Reworked the complete Droptables
Added new Npcs
Reworked Dungeons
Reworked Homepage