Newbie Guide

Hey you, yeah you! Check this awesome newbie guide out!


So you’re new to Alternate UO, If you have ever played Alternate-PK, BeePk, FnF-PK or Uberon then you will already have an idea on how this server works.


If not, then don’t worry I’m here to guide you down the road to victory.


So lets get straight into it…


When you start here at Alternate UO you dashing champion will be met with this rather boring room that looks more like a jail cell (hopefully you don’t find out.) As you can see in the pic below there are 2 pads at the end of this awesome room. These pads let you choose if you want to start with or without a Young status. With gives you a long enough period where you are unable to be player killed so you can get on your feet a little bit.

Once you have decided if you want to be untouchable or not you will be teleported to the room with a single green stone that looks more like an arial on top of a REALLY tall building, but anyway back to the guide. once you double click this Arial, I mean stone it will set all of your beautiful skills to 60.0 and bring up a dialog box for yo to choose 3 skills to raise to 150.0 (max 400.0) which is show in the image below. This Server uses a bandage Healing System which does not interupt your combat and heals you for your healingskill/4 hitpoints. So as a Warrior it is advised to take Healing, Magery and a 3d Skill of Choice. All Combatskills including Magery have a quite good gain, so everything can be trained easily besides Healing! So make sure you pick Healing as a startskill and level Healing to 400.0 before anything else!


In the amazing room you get teleported to there is a green moongate, step into this portal to begin you’re life as an Alternate UO resident!


Once you have stepped into the portal you will be take to whats known as the Trade Island, This is where you will chill out, chat to other players even stock up from the custom vendors here.



As you can see there are a few more moongates in the north west corner of the screen. These gates are for places like the Grand Market, where you can sell and buy gear. Now if you don’t have much gear your best bet is to buy some bandages and a platemail in Britain and head to Covetous or Wrong to kill some headless and zombies loot some gold and sacrifice them to gain Tix (type .sac and click the corpse or use .autosac to sacrifice everything arround you).


So you are now ready to start your adventures!


This is where it all gets interesting!


I briefly mentioned something called Tix previously in this guide. Well let me explain what these Tix thing’s are all about!


So here in Alternate UO we have a system that has obviously never been introduced to any online game ever…. we call this magical system a Level system. Now when you use the .sac or .autosac command you get random amounts of tix. With those Tix and the same amount of Gold you can level up or trade your Tix for gear with other players. You can view your Tix at anytime by typing .showxp which will pop a little message in the lower left hand side of the screen like this. To withdraw a check of Tix use the .acctix command.
Check out About -> Commands for further commands!


As you can see McNewbie has 0 Tix because well, he’s just to cool to level up. As you progress throughout the levels, 150 being the highest level you will be able to use bigger better and more Bad ass weapons and items that can be found throughout Alternate UO. Information on these items can be found in the menu to the top of this guide by the way.


The higher the level, the more Tix and Gold you will need to progress to the next level, so the more you hunt and use .sac the more you will be able to level up.


A few more Tips:

As said this server uses a custom healing system using bandages, bandages heal yourself 1/4th of your Healing Skill every 2 seconds!! So with 400.0 Healing that is 100 Hits healed every 2 seconds! So make sure you pick healing as a skill to choose when you level up, otherwise you won’t be able to sustain against any monsters in the middle and high end content. You start with 100 bandages and those can be cleaned again at the water or at the dozens of water trough’s standing everywhere. If you need more cut up some cloths, buy some cloths/bandages at Britain and so on. To apply your healing abilities simply use .healself


The Max Statcap is 700, it is advised to have 400 Strength and 200 Dexterity and 100 Intelligence for best results, Intelligence is not really used, so pick Strength and Dexterity while Leveling!


Take a look at the Information -> Polymorph section to check out all the different Polymorphs. These are quite strong in the beginning and give you a boost when it comes to making the first progress.


Once you have made some Tix in Covetous and Wrong, you should allready have a full Undead Armor and a Holy Sword. From here on just check out the dungeons and explore. In Covetous you can do the Nox Quest and get really good Tix, or farm a Skeleton Pick as a Weapon Upgrade. Head over to Despise to get an Lifeleech Dagger from Vamp Bats, kill some Acid Blobs to get a Acid Cleaver so you are able to kill Healers and get a big Armor Upgrade in terms of Survability, go to the Healers Island or head to Deceit and get some Weapon Upgrades and and and… There is plenty of stuff to hunt! Last but not least, take a trip to the Grand Market and see if you can maybe find a cheap gear upgrade!


For an easier Lifestyle install yourself injection, check out About -> Injection Guide.


Happy Hunting and Pking!