Here are video and steps you have to follow to finish the installation.


  • Download and Install Ultima Online (Monday’s Legacy)
  • Download AlternateUO file package
  • Unzip AlternateUO file package
  • Copy files from AlternateUO folder
  • Past files from Alternate UO folder to Ultima Online ML  (e.g. c:\program files\ea games\Ultima Online Mondain’s Legacy\)
  • Delete file “transerv.exe” in Ultima Online folder.
  • If u are using Windows 10 make sure to set the Compatibility to Windows XP for Client 2.0.3
  • Open Login.cfg and change to,2597
  • Open Client 2.0.3. and join the game!
  • Enjoy!


If your Client seems to crash very often, please install Injection that will prevent such things. There is a Guide under About!

To Turn of the Tooltips please Turn it off under Options and

Go to your uo folder –> desktop –> youraccname –> AlternateUO –> yourcharname
open uo.cfg and change these values to:
Also, change these values in the uo.cfg in your main UO folder if necessary.
OrionUO Client – Download here (64bit)
How to setup OrionUO Client:
1. First, download client and install anywhere you like on your PC.
2. Open OrionUO client and update it to the latest version. 
3. Starting from the top Select your UO folder from UO file path.
4. Then click on Configure client version -> Open Editor -> Client version: 2.0.3
5. Add profile -> Enter AlternateUO as a name, address and port is,2597. Click Ok.
6. Select a server name and click on Launch.
OrionUO client preview: