Shard news

Blacksmithing and Alchemy Rework

    Reworked the complete alchemy system All potions have been reworked and are now accessable via the new crafting gump.   Kegs craftable with carpentry allow the storage and easier access of potions.     In addition to the new crafting system Evil Admin Boss drops now:   – drops common small divined mortar […]

New Cooking System

  Reworked Carving and Forensics Evaluation Skill:   Instead of the old carving you now can carve corpses using a skinning knife. Skinning knives can be bought at the butcher vendor. The amount and leather and raw ribs you get is (50% + 50%*(forensics/400.0)). Your chance to find raw meat (rare ingredient) is 1 in […]

Rework of Hiding and Tracking

Reworked Detecting Hidden: Tracking has a successrate of (100% *(detectinghidden/400.0)).   The maximum detecting hidden distance is 24 tiles in the open world and 12 tiles inside a dungeon.   In contrast to the past you can now only detect people within your region while beeing in a dungeon.   Detecting Hidden now has a […]

New Damage System

    Finally after all the months of preparation the custom damage system is implemented!             The old calculation of physical damage was random, not accurate, filled with bugs, frustrating and some features like parrying didn’t show any significant difference in the combat mechanics.     With the new damage […]

Core System finished

    So after months of work, the core of the server is finally somewhat finished. With closing the last gap on Taming and adding a few more items the next steps will be balancing those mechanics to allow an offensive/defensive/supporting stance in building your character gearwise. Also PvM and PvP will be rebalanced to […]

Tailoring, Alchemy and much more!

  Stronger Monsters now drop more rewarding loots, now you can farm everything and don’t need to grind the lowest mobs in order to make the most profit.     Level Up’s now require Tix and the same amount of Gold, this is made so crafters can make income by generating gold and trading it […]