Updates Updates Updates Part 1

The Whole Damage System has been reworked. It is superherb now! You now do extra physical damage based on your Strength Skill and 1% extra physical Damage per Level. Elemental Weapons have been reworked. Armors have also been reworked. .showxp now shows you how much extra damage you make!


Almost every item ingame now shows Information!
Its Requirements Armor Damage Special Abilites etc
Just click on the item to get all information you need. This should help new players to find infos more quickly
Make Sure you visit the Show Room!
All Items can be found here!


Wrong is now your first best Newbie Dungeon to visit!
You can find new zombies, headless here and their Champions versions of them, which drop additional Tix!! The champions also drop the new Strength Robes! So it is the best place for a newbie to start dungeon experience. Deeper in the dungeon you can find Destorium Servants. They are easy to kill even for a new player an drop Destorium Weapons and Armor. The Destorium Armor has 3 Lifeleech per Hit and 100 Armor. So best you get your first Armor here. Dropchance is 1 to 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They also drop Destorium Weapons which will be your first best Weapons in Slot! Also the Dungeon has 1 Abyss 1 Vampire 1 Acid 1 Fire Daemon. You can get a sense of what how strong is here. Also do not miss on the additional tix dropped by monsters in here!


We Fixed Bugs, Balanced Npcs, Adjusted Droprates and made the Gameplay much smoother!
All the Players were involved and asked for their opinions in the process, the community of players who participate in developing the shard is growing!


And finally at last but not least, its Kal Vas Flam Nox Time!
At the Entrance of Covetous Level 3 you will find a new Quester, he wants you kill Scourge Ogres and bring him their hides.


The Scourge Ogres are pesky big buggers, who spawn strong Adds that protect them. They will try to kill you with their Magic so better bring the right Armor to portect yourself. As a Quest Reward the Quester will hand you random Armor Parts of the new Scourge Armor.


It is a mid-late Game Armor so make sure you farm yourself one!