Alternate UO is a custom oldschool era shard. A fully custom lovely designed PvP/PvM level system with the focus on melee/range. Magery is used as a tool to buff and debuff. Custom Unique Armor, Weapon and NPC/Boss mechanics.




Ruleset: Custom / No Osi / PvP & Kill on Sight / Full Loot
Server: Sphere 0.56b
Login: origin.alternateuo.com,2597
Autoaccount: Yes
Location: Germany, Europe
Accounts per IP: 1
Characters per Account: 3
Houses per Account: 3
Skill cap: 20000
Statcap: 700



Easy to Install and Join


Alternate UO features auto-account creation. Also we have put everything you need into one file, so that installing is as easy at it gets. Simply follow the intructions here and you can directly login We even made an video on how to install everything!


Fully Custom Level System

On Alternate UO everything is about Tix. Tix are the Experience Points you get when you sacrifice a corpse or loot Tix Checks. These Experience points can be used to level your character or to simply trade with other players. This offers a variety of options to progress, gone are the days of stupidly farming all the same content over and over again for the fastest progress! You can simply choose which items to farm for and then make progress by selling those.



Perfect Travel System

Traveling has never been easier. You can travel to all points of interest using the Travelstone. It not only has the best spots, it also gives new and experienced players some intel which dungeon is doable for them. It gets even better, on Alternate UO you are able to obtain as many Runebooks as you like, which can be used to store Rune Markers you marked and teleport to that Spot infinitly with an easy use!



Ethereal Rides

Sick of buying the 7th horse dismounting telling your ride to stay and always forgetting where you left your horse? Say no more. Ethereal Rides are here to help you live your lazy lifestyle. Not only you can ride some cool creatures, these Mounts bounce into your backpack when you dismount. To mount again simple use the Mount in your backpack. They are also not lootable, so once you have obtained an Ethereal Ride it will stay with you!



New Monsters and Loot

Everything on Alternate UO is custom. So there is tons of stuff to explore. All content is Custom: Enemies, Armors, Weapons, Capes, Robes, Potions, Special Items, Tomes, Crafting Rescoures … and and and.. Every Monster you encounter has its own drops and you will never be bored of what you want to hunt next!


Custom Monster Mechanics

Once you reach a certain level you will run into monsters that require you to do more than just standing like a zombie there and hitting into the mob. Monsters will have various offense, defense stats and or behaviour that might interupt your usual gamestyle. So for some enemies you better bring special weapons to kill them faster, for other enemies you better bring certain resistances or you get blown up instantly, and for some monsters you need to use your cleverness to vanquish them.

Boss and Challending Endgame Mechanics

When you get strong enough you can approach several Bosses in a group. Those Bosses drop some of the best items ingame and are hidden deep inside the dungeons, mostly in their lair,  just accessable with keys and give a challenge in bringing them down, as you need to coordinate your team and bring the right equipment to beat them down. Every Boss has its own handwritten unique mechanics, which can reach from adds that heal the boss to mysterious ghosts that you cannot outnumber and have to find a way to trick them…




Software Sphereserver 56b
UO Era Monday’s Legacy
Client Used 2.0.3
OSI Style No
Custom Patch Yes
PvP/PK/KoS Yes
Auto Account Yes
Young System Yes
Precasting No
Reagents Required No
Level System Yes
Travel System Yes
Elemental Damage/Resistance Yes (custom)
Veteran Rewards Yes
Total Skill Cap 20000.0
Individual Skill Cap (without items) 400.0
Total Stat Cap 700
Individual Stat Cap (without items) 400
Starting Stats 100/100/100
3x Starting Skills 150/150/150