Veteran Reward




This is a list of rewards you recive by our levelsystem after x amount of hours played with your account. It is a little thank you for your time played.
( If you have the time and do not get the reward menu shown up, logout and login again )




[tabby title=”Rewards“]




24 Hours 50k Gold/1250 Tix/Lifeleech Sword LvL 1    


48 Hours 5 to Strength/Dexterity/ Intelligence    


60 Hours 5 to Magery/Swordsmanship/Macefighting/Fencing/Archery    


100 Hours Newbied Power Bracelet, Boots of Speed and Mage Hat    


200 Hours Lifeleech Scythe LvL 1/Full Fire Armor LvL 1/ Full Plasma Armor    


400 Hours Unique Elemental Sword    


500 Hours 3 Musket Bullets/5 Devil Parts LvL 1/5 Angel Parts LvL 1    


800 Hours 2 Scourge Parts/2 Masterdevil Parts    


1200 Hours Ethereal Dragon    


8760 Hours Newbied Veteran Robe (Cosmetic)