New Root & New huge Update 2.0



Overall Changes:


Some Weapons and Armors are now Levelable with Fragments. Those Fragments drop from the Npcs itself.
Bosses often drop an higher Amount of Fragments.
Stronger Monsters of that kind will drop higher level armor parts.


This systems will open up a varierty of interesting late game content in the new future!
More levelable Armors/Weapons will follow


There are Stones in Star Room for a week which allow you to trade your existing items for the new items.
The Old Items don’t work anymore.


Reworked a lot of Dungeons
Covetous and Deceit are now really enjoyable and worth farming!


Reworked the Whole Elemental System
Elemental Resistances are now percent based and on single Armor Pieces, instead of Full Armors
Npcs will start to have certain resistances and elemental damages soon.


Please be aware that all Fragment and Item Drops will be balanced over time. If you have a suggestion
post it in the suggestion channel. Dont post something like “UEHHH its tooo low …” Do the Math and Research
and suggest something like “Elemental Fragments are slightly a bit too low imo, it would take X amount of mobs and Y time,
that is a bit too much” or something like “Imo the Drops are too high, i was able to level x to y within Z time”





Fixed Devil Quest Item Container Bug
Fixed a Bug on Angel Armor
Fixed Turtle Kryss Speed for now.
Lowered Strength of Vampire Bats and removed Bleeding
Lowered Devil Strength by 25%
Lowered Spider Crab Strength by 30%
Lowered Vendor Box Costs to 50 Tix per Day
Changed Healers Armor droprate from 1/20 to 1/15
Adjusted Lifeleech Sword Droprate to 1/30, significant more Lifeleeching Vampires now
Adjusted Lifeleech Dagger Droprate to 1/10, significant more Vampire Bats now
Adjusted Borg Shield Droprate from 1/140 to 1/120
Changed Tome Droprate from 1/25 to 1/20


Added Skeleton Pick, drops from Skeletons and can be leveled with Skeleton Fragments


Reworked Covetous LvL 2
Added Spider Sting, drops from Lord of the Spiders and can be leveled with Spider Spikes
Added Spider Shell Armor, drops from various Spiders can be leveled with Spider Shell Fragments
Added various Spider Npcs
Added Spider Shell Fragments to Forest Hoppers


Adjusted Scourge Armor to Full Armor gives you +15 Damage and 6 Lifeleech and 20% Physical Damage Reduction


Reduced LvL Req of Crystal Shield from 75 to 70
Added Crystals which drop 100% on Crystal Dragons and repair 5 Durability on a Crystal Shield


Reworked the whole Deceit Dungeon, making it easier for new players to enter and offering better drops also for higher players
Reduced Ice Warrior and Archer Strength
Changed Droprate of Ice Xbow from R120 to R80
Changed Droprate from Ice Sword from R1000 to R600
Made the Ice Giant drop better
Made the Ice Giant Bossroom easier ( Removed Radioactive Elementals )
Added Horns of the Deermaster which give +10 Strength and + 10.0 Taming, drops from Deermaster Warriors R250
Added Deermaster Warriors to Deceit Level 2
Added Iced Boots which give + 25.0 Parrying, drops from Ice Elementals R200
Added Frost Spiders and Frost Ettins which drop Cows
Added Ice Bracelet which gives + Strength and + Maxmana, drops from Ice Fiend, Freezing Spectre, Blizzard Daemon and Ice Dragon
Change Skillbook Drop on Underlord from 1/10 to 1/5


Removed Devil Ring
Made Devil Armor Levelable from LvL 1-5, Giving +1,2,3,4,6 Dmg per Part ( Chest Arms Legs Gloves Gorget Helm )
So a LvL 2 Devil Armor is allready better than the old +10 Damage on full
Devil Armor + Shield drops 1 to 30 and additionally Weapons drop 1 to 20, this makes it easy to obtain weapons!


Removed Angel Ring
Made Angel Armor Levelable from LvL 1-5, Giving 2,3,4,5,7 Hits healed per Part ( Chest Arms Legs Gloves Gorget Helm )
So a Level 4 Angel Armor is better than the old 15 Hits healed every 3 Seconds on full, a higher level provides a significant more heal tho
Angel Armor + Shield drops 1 to 30 and additionally Weapons drop 1 to 20, this makes it easy to obtain weapons!


Made Air Fire Earth Water Armor Levelable from LvL 1-5, Giving 4 6 8 10 12 % of the given Element as Resistance per Armor Piece
This offers a Total of 72% Elemental Resistance from the Armor on LeveL 5


Added Vampiric Armor, drops from Vampire Guard and can be leveled with Vampiric Fragments
Vampiric Armor is levelable from LvL 1-5, Giving 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 4 Lifeleech per Part
Added Vampire Guards to Despise LvL 1


Removed Master Devil Ring
Made Masterdevil Armor Unique dropable with Random + 1-4 Damage and 1-2 Lifeleech per Part ( Chest Arms Legs Gloves Gorget Helm )
So a Master Devil Armor can be an Fuse of Devil + Lifeleech Armor and offer a significant bonus if found with good stats
Moved more Master Devils to Terrathan Keep
Moved some Master Devils to Evil Dungeon Complex
MasterDevil Armor+Shield drops 1 to 40 and additonally Weapons drop 1 to 30, this makes it easy to obtain weapons!
Removed Devil Drops of Master Devils and adjusted Gold Drops


Made Elemental Weapons Levelable from LvL 1-5.
So Elemental Weapons come more powerful in usage and also are well balanced, considering a well
leveled or well dropped elemental sword can be poisned for the usage in Pvp
Elemental Sword gives 12, 18, 21, 24, 30 Damage
Unique Elemental Sword gives 20-35 Damage
Elemental Mace gives 35, 38, 41, 44, 50 Damage
Elemental Scythe gives 60, 63, 66, 69, 75 Damage
Elemental XBow gives 15, 18, 21, 24, 30 Damage

Elemental Armor Parts drop at LvL 1 from Daemons.


Made Lifeleech Weapons Levelable from LvL 1-5.
Lifeleech Sword gives 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 Lifeleech
So a Lifeleech Sword offers a significant bonus now compared to the 2-6 Lifleech it had before.
Lifeleech Scythe gives 12, 15, 18, 21, 27 Lifeleech
So a Lifeleech Scythe offers a significant bonus now compared to the 10-14 Lifleech it had before.


Moved all Titanium and Plasma Elementals from Covetous LvL 2 to Evil Dungeon Complex
Moved all Crystal Elementals from Covetous LvL 2 to Evil Dungeon Complex
Moved all Lucifers from Covetous LvL 2 to Evil Dungeon Complex


Adjusted Acid Armor Durabilities, so it can be repaired with Repair Deeds
Acid Armor is not levelable, it can only be found on higher levels via drop


Added Repair Deeds for Weapons/Armors from LvL 1-5
Basicly everything that shows fragments can be repaired with these deeds.
The Repair Deeds repair 5 Durability on Weapons/Armors and can be found on various Npcs.
Two Deeds of the same LvL can be fused into a Deed of a higher level.


Repair Deeds LvL 1 drop frequently on Evil Gms/Evil Pyro/Lord Blackthrone/Evil GM Darkness/Evil Blacksmith/Evil Miner
LvL 1 also drops random on Destoriums, Undead Champions, Ice Ants, Underlords, Abyss, Lifeleeching Vampires, Ice Warriors, Vampire Bats, Ele Elementals, Ele Daemons,
Acid Blobs, Forest Giants, All Covetous Spiders, Crystal Elementals, Temple of Healers, Herb Spiders


Added Knight’s Cloak which gives +10.0 Parrying and drops from Spectres 1 to 20


Reworked 4 Armed Daemons
Added Blackfire Cape, which requires LvL 40 and gives + 15-30 Armor, drops from 4 Armed Daemons 1 to 200


Fixed a bug where Crystal Mines could spawn in Safe Zones and harm Players