Core System finished



So after months of work, the core of the server is finally somewhat finished. With closing the last gap on Taming and adding a few more items the next steps will be balancing those mechanics to allow an offensive/defensive/supporting stance in building your character gearwise. Also PvM and PvP will be rebalanced to give sense to a lot of existing items and mechanics.



Here is the changelog of the latest Update:



Tweaked all Global Drops

Healers Armor is now levelable

All Temple Npcs drop Healers Fragments now

Added Vampiric Robe and Cloak with Lifeleech
Robe drops from Vampiric Mass
//Robe and Cloak drop from Graf Dracula ( not added yet )

Added Overlord Robe and Cloak with Overhits ( allows you to leech and regen hp higher )
The Robe drops from Overlord Warriors etc..
Robe and Cloak drops from the Overlord

Added Kilt, Boots and Deer Mask of Rising Honor
All give +3 all stats and drop from King Wyrms

Made Skillbooks stackable Skillscrolls

Added Mk1 Plasma Plate, Mk1 Tactical Suit, Mk1 Tactical Boots, giving +5 Armor each Clothing Part

Mounts now offer boni/boniwhile riding:
Nightlama +5 Strength
Forest Orn +5 Dexterity
Sky Llama + 5 Intelligence
Devil Zostrich Does 25 Damage to Angels
Devil Steed Gives +6 Damage
Angel Zostrich Does 25 Damage to Devils
Angel Steed heals 6 Hits per 3 Seconds
Vampiric Steed +3 Lifeleech
Ice Orn Is immune to Ice Damage
Ice Steed Is immune to Ice Damage
Rare Ice Zostrich Is immune to Ice Damage / Does 10 Ice Damage
Air Steed Gives +5 Air Resistance while Mounted
Air Zostrich Immune to Air Damage / Does 20 Air Damage
Fire Steed Gives +5 Fire Resistance while Mounted
Fire Zostrich Immune to Fire Damage / Does 20 Fire Damage
Earth Steed Gives +5 Earth Resistance while Mounted
Earth Zostrich Immune to Earth Damage / Does 20 Earth Damage
Water Steed Gives +5 Water Resistance while Mounted
Water Zostrich Immune to Water Damage / Does 20 Water Damage
Rare Nightwind Horse ( Has 4 Lifes )
Stormwitch Horse Casts Lightning

Daemonic Steed Poisons the Enemy
Acid Unicorn Poisons the Enemy
Magic Horse Physical Immune ( Dies faster to Elemental Damage and Spells )
Hells Deathmare Dmg Dealer

Added Nox Ranger a high end Enemy, which drops Nox Bow
Can be found in Evil Dungeon Complex
Added Nox Oneeye, a though endgame Boss, can be found in the Nox Grounds
Drops Nox Sword

Added Ice Damage to all Ice Creatures
Lowered Durability of Ice Armor to 20

Added Radioactive Element 2.0, a thougher version of the radioactive element
contaminating everything within the screen radius

Buffed Acid Ranger Physical Damage

Fixed Pg Weapons

Added Elemental Damage and Resistances to:

Added Bane Armor to Godly Forge

Reworked the complete Displacer Effect, Crystal Robe, Shield and Displacer Cloak
now have percentages and are added into one formula, this makes the effect more reliable
A Full Plasma Armor can now be combined with a set of Phys Absorb Items to create an tanky alternative

Reworked Unique Elemental Swords, they now work proper with Psy Robes

Fixed all Elemental Animations and Number Outputs on Elemental Weapons
Let me know if you like the current system showing the elemental damage in numbers on hit
or if you would like just the elemental animations without numbers

Fixed all -Hits Mechanics to apply unblockable god damage, not only does this make things smoother
it also will allow a proper use of @kill mechanics now. i.e. Kryss of Souls and Greeds Fortune should work
100% now.

Implemented the Overhits Mechanics into Lifeleech and Angel Gear

Fixed various bugs