New Damage System



Finally after all the months of preparation the custom damage system is implemented!







The old calculation of physical damage was random, not accurate, filled with bugs, frustrating and some features like parrying didn’t show any significant difference in the combat mechanics.



With the new damage system your armor value gives you an garantueed % physical damage reduction.


This means no more random one shot frustation. With the changes to armor it is much easier to stack up a good % reduction in the early armor ranges and it gets harder the higher your armor value gets.
This allows new or weak players to easily reach a certain % reduction while not giving better geared players too much of an advantage compared.



So in a world where the next death could be arround the corner, this offers players a chance to also hunt with no or weaker gear and not to loose best gear in slot.


For example Polymorph + Protection Cast + Stoneskin Potion + a cheap shield can easily bring you into the 300 armor range and thus giving you arround 75% physical damage reduction. If you die with this setup all you loose is a shield. Sounds not bad right?


Since its a consistant reduction it allows better scaling of damage, which allows endgame possibilities where you have to stack and stack armor to the maximum to withstand certain endgame bosses.

So overall its a win win for lower and higher players in terms of enjoyment.


Here is a graph of armor value vs % physical reduction:






Speaking about showing significant difference in combat, Parrying now has a chance to block the full physical hit with 4% each 100.0 parrying.
Additional 1% additional chance of block is granted each 100 armor on the shield.

So its possible to reach up to 20% blockchance.



Ahhh more good news, there is now a info gump that shows you all your required information on affixes you have on your gear. You can access the info with “.charinfo”



And also Ugwaag and me wish you a good new year!
Let’s all hope 2020 will bring us much good gameplay and enjoyment!