Blacksmithing and Alchemy Rework



Reworked the complete alchemy system

All potions have been reworked and are now accessable via the new crafting gump.


Kegs craftable with carpentry allow the storage and easier access of potions.



In addition to the new crafting system Evil Admin Boss drops now:


– drops common small divined mortar and pestle (+80 to alchemy, 15 charges)

– drops rare big divined mortar and pestle (+80 to alchemy, 30 charges)







Reworked the complete blacksmithing system


All Armors have been reworked and are now craftable.


They can be recyled with 50% of material cost return.


Additionally some loot drops from the monster tables have been added to the recycle pool, like skill robes for example.



Misc Changes



Reworked Tarasque Drops:


– drops common Grid Disks
– drops rare Mk2 & Mk3 Updates
– drops common Ancient Pickaxe & Ancient Hammer (+10/15/30/60/80 to skill)
– drops rare Legendary Shield



Reworked Apk Kitchen Monsters in Evil Dungeoncomplex:


-drops rare Kitchen Apron & Ancient Chief’s Hat (+10/15/30/60/80 to skill)