Shard news

New Root & New huge Update 2.0

    Overall Changes:   Some Weapons and Armors are now Levelable with Fragments. Those Fragments drop from the Npcs itself. Bosses often drop an higher Amount of Fragments. Stronger Monsters of that kind will drop higher level armor parts.   This systems will open up a varierty of interesting late game content in the […]

Changelog 02.12.2018

Finally we are at some point where the balance and play-trough gets more and more enjoyable, here are some more bug fixes/balances/changes to further improve the quality of gameplay:   ChangeLog 02-12-2018: Changed Borg shield Droprate from 1/40 to 1/120 Removed Borg shield Physical Damage Reduction Changed Borg shield Reflect from 24% to 20% Changed […]

Player Vendor System

The best Player Vendor System you have ever seen!   Most Vendor System just use the regular sell/buy gumps or custom gumps that hardly show any information you might need. Here on Alternate UO we tried to find a solution that is more intuitive, interactive and simple.   You can see all the items within […]

Skill Books and Homepage

Bookcases Welcome to more interaction in dungeons!   Lootables are now here! [simple_tooltip bubblewidth=’80’ bubbleopacity=’0.8′ bubblebgcolor=’#47302f’ bubbleposition=’center’ bubblecolor=’#ffd479′ content=’Book Case ( Can be searched for hidden treasures)’][/simple_tooltip]   These Book Cases can now be found in in various dungeons.   When its lootable you can search it and hope you find something useful hidden in […]

Travel made easy

Arkanis has added a reworked travel system and it’s now has a description for every town dungeon, town or special area. In addition to that all old Travel Gates was changed to new Travel Stones I hope this might help newer players. 

Acid Acid Acid Acid

Booja!   Despise Down Floor is now the home of many new Acid Monsters!   When you enter you find the new Acid Quester which can offer you missing Acid Parts if you bring him Vials of Acid     In Despise Level 1 you find a variety of new npcs:     Acid Blobs […]