Shard news

Acid Acid Acid Acid

Booja!   Despise Down Floor is now the home of many new Acid Monsters!   When you enter you find the new Acid Quester which can offer you missing Acid Parts if you bring him Vials of Acid     In Despise Level 1 you find a variety of new npcs:     Acid Blobs […]

Healers Armor

Time to introduce Support Mechanics! New Support Armor, ideal for 2+ Player Bossfights if you want to roll with the big boys but can’t facetank the content. Better support your maintank/maincarry!

Boss Fight and Mechanics!

  There is a new Boss in Covetous 3 waiting for you! Welcome to the intruduction of the new Boss Fight System   From now on there will be added Bosses on the World which are designed to be approached as a team. Some require very simple tasks to kill them, some might need a […]

Let the Elemental Wars begin!

The new Elemental Weapons Armors and Npcs are now online!   I reworked the whole elemental damage system so check out the new content:   New Weapons   There are now Air Fire Earth and Water Weapons. Each type has a Sword a Mace an Xbow and a Scythe. And there is a Special Unique […]

Updates Updates Updates Part 1

The Whole Damage System has been reworked. It is superherb now! You now do extra physical damage based on your Strength Skill and 1% extra physical Damage per Level. Elemental Weapons have been reworked. Armors have also been reworked. .showxp now shows you how much extra damage you make!   Almost every item ingame now […]

Crystal? I’m in!

The Crystal Elemental and Crystal Dragon are now online, they are powerful monsters each with unique spells. While the Elementals are rather simple to approach, the Crystal Dragon takes some skill and coordination to bring down. The monsters drop new powerful items which are displayed with droprate info in the Show Room. Crystal Elementals are […]