Acid Acid Acid Acid



Despise Down Floor is now the home of many new Acid Monsters!


When you enter you find the new Acid Quester which can offer you missing Acid Parts if you bring him Vials of Acid



In Despise Level 1 you find a variety of new npcs:



Acid Blobs drop Vials of Acid and Acid Armor LvL 1 Parts


Acid Warriors drop Acid Kryss and Acid Bow
Acid Elementals drop Acid Ores
Herb Spiders drop Curing Herbs


What the heck are Curing Herbs?


Well Despise Level 3 is a Toxic Lair now, which means if you enter it the Toxic Gas in the dungeon will harm you.
If you eat Curing Herbs you are immun to that Toxic Gas for 2 Minutes. So if you plan to raid Despise Level 3 better
farm yourself some Curing Herbs for your stay. Curing Herbs can not be traded dropped or taken outside of Despise.


Speaking of Despise Level 3



Acid Crawlers drop Acid Sting Teeths and Acid Armor LvL 2 Parts
Acid Mutant Ladies drop Acid Sting Teeths and Acid Armor LvL 2 Parts
Elder Acid Elementals drop the new Master Acid Kryss



Acid Stings are used to charge up the new Magic Acid Bracelet described further down


The New Acid Sea and Boss


Down in Despise Level 3 your find 4 Acid Melting Sting Bosses, which all drop 1 out of 4 Keys.
If you have all keys, you can enter the Acid Sea. The Gate is opened for 5 Minutes and everyone can join. The Acid Sea is filled with Acid Ghosts, which will outnumber and outstrong you.
But there is a little secret puzzle down there that will allow you to trick them into thinking you are one of them.
Better solve that puzzle or otherwise you can not approach the Boss


The New Boss


Once you have solved the Puzzle you can approach the new Acid Boss.
He is quite hard so better bring some mates and be careful.
The Melting Crush Boss drops finally the Acid Xbow, which will come in handy at PvP



and the new Magic Acid Bracelet a powerful must have item!


Also the Boss is the only one who drops Acid Armor LvL 3 Parts.


Make sure you check out the showroom, you can find the new items there!


A fair bit of Warning, if you approach Despise Level 3 you better know what you are doing. If you die you dont have any herbs left and need to refarm or be quick to reach your body!
Also if your whole teams dies in the Acid Sea and the Gate is allready closed again, you dont have any chance of returning your items. So make sure to be careful!