Skill Books and Homepage


Welcome to more interaction in dungeons!


Lootables are now here!


These Book Cases can now be found in in various dungeons.


When its lootable you can search it and hope you find something useful hidden in these old leftovers:


(Hover over items for more information)

This is the first step of making dungeons more interactive and also giving players the oportunity to go on a raid mission and just collect worthful resources




As you may have been noticed allready, most information on the homepage gets reworked at the moment. We have allready finished the Armor Section with full informations on every armor and even droprates!


We have overworked the features site, so newer player can see with 2 clicks what this server has to offer!.


The Polymorph site now gives you full intel on all Polymorph Options, these might be useful for newer players.


And last but not least, finally accurate Pet & Taming informations.
As you allready can see we have a lot of different pets that wait to be tamed.


Animal Taming will be fully reworked in the next couple of months, not only that they will get a great impact in Pvm/Pvp, all tamable Rides will get special abilities and a unique usage!