Shard news

Rework of the Experience System

Instead of .sac .autosac and clunky tix checks in corpses, experience now is granted upon killing the monster to the attacker that did the most damage. Players in the party also will be granted the same amount of experience in addition. The whole party system including powerhour, exp pots and exp items have been adjusted. […]

AlternateUO Up and Running! – 3+ Years online

Just a quick note, that we continue to work on the shard and getting ready for a bigger update. Also, we are happy that this project is staying online for more than 3+ years now and new players joining. Everyone is welcome at our discord channel to talk regarding upcoming updates and just general talks. […]

Added Full Champion Spawn System

Additional Champions are: All Undead Champions drop Elite Skill Robe, Elite Knights Cloak, Elite Undead Shield Chance 1 to 2 All Undead Champions drop 5x 5-8 Combat skill Scrolls Grid Champion Drops Grid Disc Chance 1/4 Abyss Champion Drops guaranteed Str/Dex Tome Daemon Master Drops guaranteed Ethy Deermaster Champion Drops guaranteed Horns of the Deermaster […]

Travel made easy

Arkanis has added a reworked travel system and it’s now has a description for every town dungeon, town or special area. In addition to that all old Travel Gates was changed to new Travel Stones I hope this might help newer players. 

Download and Installation

Some of players experienced problems with installation and connecting to the shard. Here is short guide how to install and join the game. Download and Install Ultima Online (Monday’s Legacy) Download AlternateUO file package Unzip AlternateUO file package Copy files from AlternateUO folder Past files from Alternate UO folder to Ultima Online ML  (e.g. c:\program files\ea […]

AlternateUO – Ultima Online APK Style Shard is Back!

AlternateUO is mainly a PvP/PvM shard. But don’t be afraid as a trader or crafter. We improved the crafting system massively what means you can craft that what players can hunt mostly in PvM. It needs may more work, but you’re not in danger to get killed. AlternateUO is a freeshard for all people, its based […]