AlternateUO – Ultima Online APK Style Shard is Back!

AlternateUO is mainly a PvP/PvM shard. But don’t be afraid as a trader or crafter. We improved the crafting system massively what means you can craft that what players can hunt mostly in PvM. It needs may more work, but you’re not in danger to get killed. AlternateUO is a freeshard for all people, its based on a system like Alternate-PK, FnF-PK, BeePK, Furion-PK, Ultimate-PK and all the other nice servers were you may enjoyed the gameplay. The system lifes more then 15 years for now, and we want to continue it.


If you have problems connecting to the shard, please contact me on Telegram or Discord. 

Update schedule:
2018.06-2018.08 – Game reset, full website update.

P.S. We rented server for 6 months from June 18. So we can insure you that server will not close fast.

Developer, Ugwaag