Let the Elemental Wars begin!

The new Elemental Weapons Armors and Npcs are now online!


I reworked the whole elemental damage system so check out the new content:


New Weapons


There are now Air Fire Earth and Water Weapons.
Each type has a Sword a Mace an Xbow and a Scythe.
And there is a Special Unique Elemental Sword with a +0-20 random Elemental Damage Mod
So your Elemental Sword could be as good as a mace if you are lucky!



New Armors
Each Type also now has its own form of protection.
Better collect them all they will be very handy in combats with higher monsters that deal elemental damage!



New reworked Npcs
All Elementals and Daemons have been reworked.
The Elementals drop Elemental Essences which come in handy later, suprise suprise stay tuned!
They also drop 1 to 200 Elemental Swords on what Element they are!


The Daemons now all drop their Elemental equivalent 1 to 10 as Armor.
They also have a chance of 1 to 100 to drop the new Unique Elemental Swords.
So better go camp these guys!


You can find all Elementals and Daemons in the Levels of Shame!
Also there are some Daemons now in Destard!



New Bosses!??!?!
Yeah each Element has now its own boss.
The Elder Air Syren
The Elder Fire Gargoyle
The Elder Earth Spirit
The Elder Water Queen


They all are hidden at secret spots hard to approach and hard to kill.
So better train you skills to kill them on a daily basis since all respawn within 12 hours!
Some small hints:
Two of the Entries are at the end of Dungeons listed in the Special Area via Travelstone
One stayed the same
And the last Entry is in a Dungeon.
But a fair warning! All those areas are packed with highly dangerous monsters.
We don’t want it to be to easy right?




So stop camping Trade Island and flaming you miss action.
Go get those weapons and pk the shit out of your enemies!


PS: All Armors and Weapons can be viewed in the Show Room