Shard news

Core System finished

    So after months of work, the core of the server is finally somewhat finished. With closing the last gap on Taming and adding a few more items the next steps will be balancing those mechanics to allow an offensive/defensive/supporting stance in building your character gearwise. Also PvM and PvP will be rebalanced to […]

Tailoring, Alchemy and much more!

  Stronger Monsters now drop more rewarding loots, now you can farm everything and don’t need to grind the lowest mobs in order to make the most profit.     Level Up’s now require Tix and the same amount of Gold, this is made so crafters can make income by generating gold and trading it […]

Artifact Items!

    There are 16 new Artifact Items with special Abilities.   Check them out here!  

New Party System for Exp!

    Welcome to the New Party System.                                      Hunting together in a Party now gives your Partymembers the same amount of Exp you get while sacrificing a corpse!

Crafting Crafting Crafting

    The whole homepage is finally showing correct infos and has been completly reworked!   Its also time for some crafting!   For now we have included Alchemy, Mining, Blacksmithing and Fishing.   More expansions will follow!   Check out the new craftables here.     Other Fixes and Updates: Fixed some buggy deeds […]

New Root & New huge Update 2.0

    Overall Changes:   Some Weapons and Armors are now Levelable with Fragments. Those Fragments drop from the Npcs itself. Bosses often drop an higher Amount of Fragments. Stronger Monsters of that kind will drop higher level armor parts.   This systems will open up a varierty of interesting late game content in the […]