Shard news

Blacksmithing and Alchemy Rework

    Reworked the complete alchemy system All potions have been reworked and are now accessable via the new crafting gump.   Kegs craftable with carpentry allow the storage and easier access of potions.     In addition to the new crafting system Evil Admin Boss drops now:   – drops common small divined mortar […]

New Cooking System

  Reworked Carving and Forensics Evaluation Skill:   Instead of the old carving you now can carve corpses using a skinning knife. Skinning knives can be bought at the butcher vendor. The amount and leather and raw ribs you get is (50% + 50%*(forensics/400.0)). Your chance to find raw meat (rare ingredient) is 1 in […]

AlternateUO Up and Running! – 3+ Years online

Just a quick note, that we continue to work on the shard and getting ready for a bigger update. Also, we are happy that this project is staying online for more than 3+ years now and new players joining. Everyone is welcome at our discord channel to talk regarding upcoming updates and just general talks. […]

Added Full Champion Spawn System

Additional Champions are: All Undead Champions drop Elite Skill Robe, Elite Knights Cloak, Elite Undead Shield Chance 1 to 2 All Undead Champions drop 5x 5-8 Combat skill Scrolls Grid Champion Drops Grid Disc Chance 1/4 Abyss Champion Drops guaranteed Str/Dex Tome Daemon Master Drops guaranteed Ethy Deermaster Champion Drops guaranteed Horns of the Deermaster […]