Boss Fight and Mechanics!


There is a new Boss in Covetous 3 waiting for you!

Welcome to the intruduction of the new Boss Fight System


From now on there will be added Bosses on the World which are designed to be approached as a team.
Some require very simple tasks to kill them, some might need a trained well coordinated team to defeat them.
Every Boss will have unique mechanics that add some flavour to the gameplay.
To Enter those Bossfights each player needs one Bosskey of that kind to hop in via a Gate just as shown above.
On Entering the Bossfight your key is consumed. To Enter again you need another key!


This Gate shows you if the Boss is spawned, which difficulty the boss is, what level is suggested, how much players you need and  if special gear is needed.


Be Aware that everyone can enter and leave the Bossrooms at any time. Also make sure u are aware of intruders and you have backup keys in case your whole team dies!


Since it’s your first rodeo here are some hints on the new Scourge Ogre Boss:


The Boss has special forms of elemental attack and elemental resistance.
He spawns minions to assist him.
You need minium 4 Players to deal with his spawnlings, otherwise you can’t kill him.
Obviously the keys are dropped by the Scourge Ogre.


Boss Fights will be always unique challenging and a new mystery to solve! This gives you a taste of the upcoming things! I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂