Disabled Skills

  • Arms Lore
  • Begging
  • Camping
  • Cooking
  • Herding
  • Taste Identification
  • Spellweaving
  • Snooping
  • Stealing
  • Veterinary

* note these skills may become available later on, as of right now they have no practical use in Alternate UO.


Alchemists in AlternateUO do not turn lead into gold; instead, they create magic potions. These potions can be powerful tools in battle.

For a full list of potions see here.


Anatomy on Alternate UO does two things: you are able to actively check a player’s approximate strength and dexterity.

Animal taming

Tamers have long-been considered extremely useful and versatile in fighting monsters and, to a lesser extent, players as well.
Your taming skill determines which creatures you are able to tame.

For a full list of pets, see Pets!


Blacksmithing is a pretty useful skill on AlternateUO. You will need it to craft armors which are only available through mining ores and having enough blacksmithing to forge them. You can also repair rare armors, or create an income by selling fragments of crafted armor parts you forged in the godly forge! For a full list of ores look here. For a full list of armors look here.

Detecting hidden

Detecting Hidden can be actively used to reveal hidden players and traps.

Evaluating intelligence

Evaluating Intelligence can be used to determine the amount of Mana an opponent has left.


In addition to an endless supply of fish, those skilled in fishing have been known to pull forth treasure, and danger, from the deep. For a full list of fish and fishables look here.


A lot of players will claim healing is the most important skill on Alternate UO.
This might be because we have a pretty unique way of using bandages.
Healing with bandages occurs without a delay, directly after you apply them. This means that you can heal in almost any situation, during almost any action, including battle.
The amount of hitpoints you heal with each bandage is based directly on your healing skill:
A player with 100.0 healing will heal 25 hitpoints. If that player has 200.0 healing he/she will heal 50 hitpoints and so on..
Bandages can be applied on any player and non-player character within range.


Magery will directly influence which spells you can use and the power of them.
For more information on spells, please check out Spells. ( no link yet )
For a full list of polymorphs look here.

Magic resistance ( currently not working )

Alternate UO has it’s own custom Magic Resistance system. It grants you a chance to completely absorb the opponent’s magic, directly based on your skill level.
This chart gives a basic overview of the chance to absorb magic:

50-100 Magic Resistance 5% block chance
100-150 Magic Resistance 10% block chance
150-200 Magic Resistance 15% block chance
200-250 Magic Resistance 20% block chance
250-300 Magic Resistance 25% block chance
300-350 Magic Resistance 33% block chance
350-400 Magic Resistance 40% block chance
400-450 Magic Resistance* 50% block chance
450-… Magic Resistance* 55% block chance



The Meditation skill allows your character to increase the rate at which they regenerate mana.
On Alternate UO this skill can only be used active and is not passively used.


A miner will find a lot of custom ores on Alternate UO. Each ore can be smelted into ingots and crafted into an armor, using blacksmithing.
For a full list of ores look here.


Parrying is used to completely block melee blows or archery shots from opponents. In usual practise you must equip a Shield in order to parry – Which type doesn’t make a difference (unless the item has an additionally listed Defense Chance Increase bonus).
If you fail to parry, a shield offers no protection aside from any armor bonus it gives.
A shield with 15 armor gives 15 armor at 100.0 parrying, 30 armor at 200.0 parrying and so on.


Poison can be applied to the blade of a weapon to swiftly bring an enemy to defeat in battle.

Poisoning a weapon is a huge benefit when fighting against other players, so make sure you always have some pots ready.


Stealth is considered to be a useful skill on AlternateUO. It allows a character to move silently while maintaining invisibility, but it becomes much easier to detect such a character compared to hiding.

It makes snooping around new dungeons and retrieving your items much easier. Also this is a must have to escape stronger players that are trying to kill you.


Your level of Tactics determines how much of your Base Damage you are capable of inflicting on opponents.


Tracking is a skill that allows the character to know if visible, invisible or hidden characters, monsters, or other NPCs are around. The things detected do not become visible, but can be located and followed around.
Having higher Tracking skill allows characters to track characters with higher Hiding or Stealth skills, allows objects in a broader ranger to be detected, and allows objects to be detected more reliably.
It is currently most useful in PvP combat. Even with mediocre skill it is possible to reliably track most other visible characters, making it far more difficult for them to flee or check in a second if someone is in a dungeon!