Mining & Blacksmithing







Every Ore requires the same amount of coal when smelting. Ores have a weight of 20. With the Blacksmithing skill you can repair all Level 1 armors as well as Polarite, Plasma, Legendary and Masterdevil armor parts.


It is recommended to use Bane or Titantium armors to boost your strength. Take a look at the Armor section for more information about set traits. There are unique items that increase your Mining and Blacksmithing skill. Information on those can be found in the Items section.




Minable Ores



IronCraft Iron Armor and WeaponsMining=0.0Blacksmithing=0.0
CoalUsed for smelting OresMining=0.0Blacksmithing=0.0
DestoriumCraft Destorium ArmorMining=175.0Blacksmithing=175.0
BaneCraft Bane Armor Level 1Mining=200.0Blacksmithing=200.0
PolariteCraft Polarite ArmorMining=225.0Blacksmithing=225.0
AirCraft Air Armor Level 1Mining=250.0Blacksmithing=250.0
FireCraft Fire Armor Level 1Mining=250.0Blacksmithing=250.0
EarthCraft Earth Armor Level 1Mining=250.0Blacksmithing=250.0
WaterCraft Water Armor Level 1Mining=250.0Blacksmithing=250.0
AcidCraft Acid Armor Level 1Mining=250.0Blacksmithing=250.0
DevilCraft Devil Armor Level 1Mining=275.0Blacksmithing=275.0
AngelCraft Angel Armor Level 1Mining=300.0Blacksmithing=300.0
PlasmaCraft Plasma ArmorMining=325.0Blacksmithing=325.0
TitaniumCraft Titanium Armor Level 1Mining=350.0Blacksmithing=350.0
LegendaryCraft Legendary ArmorMining=375.0Blacksmithing=375.0
MasterdevilCraft Masterdevil ArmorMining=400.0Blacksmithing=400.0




Ingots needed for each Part:

  • Chest 20 Ingots
  • Arms 18 Ingots
  • Legs 20 Ingots
  • Gloves 12 Ingots
  • Gorget 10 Ingots
  • Helm 15 Ingots
  • Shield 25 Ingots